Ibiza music: Behrouz – 24 hours in Ibiza

“I grew up in a little hippy town outside of San Francisco and when I first came to Ibiza, I felt the energy and realised it was the same energy that started during the hippy movement of San Fran in the 60s,” says renowned US DJ Behrouz Nazari. “It was amazing. It was perfect.”

The year was 1995 and Behrouz was coming to the white isle to meet up with good friends Deep Dish, who were playing at Zenith – an old school party put on by the same people know now run Music On – and Pacha. “That’s how I got into the Ibiza scene,” the artist – known in the electronic music world simply as Behrouz – recalls. “I was staying at Pikes in San Antonio… and I loved it.”

Behrouz’s formative years as a DJ were spent during the days when San Francisco was considered the most forward thinking city in the US for house music and he has consistently raised the bar throughout his music career. His talent spread like wildfire and soon after that first trip to the island, he picked up residencies at all of the island’s top super clubs from DC-10 and Pacha to Space and Amnesia and a lifelong love affair with Ibiza began. He was hand chosen to close Space Ibiza six years in a row and nominated for Best New DJ at Pacha’s annual DJ Awards.

Season after season Behrouz returned to the island until he opened his own outpost in his home base of Miami, called Do Not Sit on the Furniture. Most recently Behrouz – often dubbed the DJ’s DJ – took over island favourite BEACHOUSE Ibiza on the shores of Playa d’en Bossa for a one-off ‘Do Not Sit on the Beach’ event. “I started playing there two years ago with Guy Gerber for Rumors and I felt like when I played, I could bring some of that old Balearic sound back that’s got the sexy melodies, and is not so intense,” he says.

A major player on the Burning Man scene, Behrouz also spins at hip new island party WooMoon at Cova Santa, where Ibiza’s music scene is experiencing a very welcome change of scene influenced by The Playa itself. “Look where we are: we’re in a beautiful place; there are not too many places left on the island that play the deeper, dreamier, sexy type of stuff, Behrouz says. “Good music is good music no matter what style.”

When asked if he ever plans to return to Ibiza for a full season Behrouz looks contemplative. “Let’s see what happens – there are big things to come with Do Not Sit on the Furniture brand!”

How do you feel as you step off the plane onto the tarmac?
I can smell it. I love getting back to Ibiza so I feel great when I arrive. Even in August when the crowds are crazy I am always so happy and excited.

What’s always in your suitcase when you come to Ibiza?
As a professional DJ I’ll always have the same stuff in my bag and I’ll only ever have a carry on as I’m very set on what I carry with me. Sandals, shorts and DJ equipment.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive on the island?

I go to the Fish Shack in Talamanca and enjoy a fresh fish by the sea. It’s something you won’t find anywhere else – I love it!

Does Ibiza feel like work or holiday to you?
70-percent work and 30%-percent holiday. When you have a gig to play sometimes you end up going to a villa party afterwards and you end up spinning there – which is work too! It’s tough because coming to the island is all about meeting up with people, hosting people, networking and showing support to friends and fellow artists; sometimes you forget to take a holiday on this crazy island.

Best Ibiza memory?
There are so many! Off the top of my head, a very special and very private villa party comes to mind! Three years ago I played 18 hours straight! You know, I just felt really good, and the music just kept pouring out of me. You can’t plan for those type of things.

Who do you spend time with while you’re on the island?
It’s crazy because I have more friends here than I do in Miami! Friends from abroad come over to visit me, many DJs I am friends with are usually spending the season on the island or are over here for the same reasons as me. Expat friends and Ibicenco friends – I’ve been spending a lot of time with a local artist named Valentin Huedo; he passed me a record and I really liked it. He plays on Ibiza Sonica Radio. There is so much local talent that often gets forgotten under all the big international names coming through…

Ultimate Ibiza track?

FPI Project – Rich in Paradise. So Ibiza, a track of a summer gone by. I’ve also done a remix of it!

How do you feel you’ve got to start packing to leave?

You know, I don’t feel sadness anymore but I used to! It’s different now because I know I’m always coming back – Ibiza will always be a part of my life.

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You have 24 hours on the island – tell us your favourite places to…


Croissant Show in old Ibiza town! I love a regular coffee and a fresh croissant plus you get to sit and watch all the action of the town happen right in front of you. Sometimes for a late breakfast (or early lunch) I’ll go to the Prince Café, they’ve got good coffee and a good selection of bocadillos [sandwiches on baguettes].


If you like healthy food you’ve got to check out Eat is Life; it’s always so great, full of market fresh produce and you have a ton of different choices. I love any of the salads at Passion Café in Marina Botafoch too. For sexy beach vibes by the sea I would go to El Chiringuito on Es Cavallet beach close to the Las Salinas salt flats or BEACHOUSE Ibiza in Playa d’en Bossa.


Sa Capella is really cool. It’s up in the mountain towards San Antonio and is inside a 400-year-old church. A restaurant so simple yet so delicious and very local is Balafia – but you have to go with an appetite and you must love meat!


Sunset Ashram is the perfect place. It’s great after a long day at Cala Conta and so beautiful to watch the sunset.


The WooMoon party at Cova Santa is new and it’s great. It’s having a big impact on the island and it’s the first time in a very long time that you feel the heart of Ibiza in the party – you feel a vibe. It’s something completely different than what you’ll see on the island. It reminds me of the old days of Ibiza… so Balearic.


BEACHOUSE Ibiza felt really good when I was there, it was a great addition to a different movement in Ibiza – to get back the Balearic vibe. I do miss the DC-10 vibes but my music doesn’t fit there right now. If I played that style it wouldn’t be me.


DC-10 on the other hand is perfect for hanging out because I get to see a lot of my friends! Cocoon at Amnesia can be a really cool party too. It all depends on who is playing where and if there is a certain artist I want to hear play. HEART Ibiza in Marina Botafoch is new to the scene and I’ve had some really fun times there; I did a wicked closing set there with Damian Lazarus last year.


On the way to Es Cubells is a beach called Es Torrent – it’s amazing. The views, the beach plus there is a great little chiringuito by the sea that serves up delicious Ibicenco fish dishes that are so fresh.


Cala Salada and Sa Caleta are beautiful, beautiful beaches for laying in the sun, swimming in the turquoise waters and just breathing it all in.


If it’s August, I stay in my hotel room! Depending on the time of day I would go out to Cala Conta because I find that beach and area pretty tranquil and peaceful at times. I always enjoy myself there.


Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel in Marina Botafoch. I love to go there and chill. Massages, the steam room, the circuit pools – it all does the job and brings me back to life.

Seaside lunch vibes at BEACHOUSE Ibiza

Sa Capella in the hills of San Antonio

The beautiful beach of Cala Conta

Iconic party venue DC-10

Escapist haven Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel

Behrouz plays WooMoon at Cova Santa – future dates TBC.