The White New Year Style Guide: 29/12/08

Four foolproof steps to dressing for New Year’s Eve – a method tried, tested and totally recommended by White Ibiza’s very own social butterfly Miss W…

1. Wow the room with your ensemble.
There’s nothing worse than turning up to a party to find another girl wearing The Same Fabulous Frock as you. Avoid such mortification at all costs by making your selection from the incredible collection on display at Kurru Kurru. The modern day equivalent of Cinderella’s ballgown, Marinela Cifteli has a showroom full of couture creations that will inspire gasps of envy from other guests when you dramatically remove your coat upon entering a room – from floor-length ethereal gowns to flirty and fun baby doll dresses, the choice is yours…

2. To accessorise or not to accessorise?
Oh, that is a silly question! One step down into the amazing space that houses IBZcode and you’ll be more than spoilt for choice when it comes to accessorising – you’ll be overwhelmed with desire! A one-stop shop for stunning handmade leather shoes and boots, luscious leather bags, eclectic jewellery selections and those ever essential sunglasses for the morning after, IBZcode is like the proverbial pot of gold (silver, bronze and diamonds) at the end of a rainbow, adding the perfect finishing touches to your outfit.

3. Cover up in ibiza style.
When you go to all that trouble dressing up for an occasion, it would be a shame to put it all to waste by covering with anything less-than-special – thankfully the amazing selection of coats, hats and scarves on offer at Histericomplements are designed to make as much a statement as your party frock. From sensational metallic macs and tactile rich woollen shrugs to floppy felt winter hats so great you’ll never want to take them off, it’s enough to make you want to spend more time travelling to and from your party destinations. Hailing a taxi has never been so glamourous.

4. Always have a back-up outfit.
Just because midnight heralds the dawn of the New Year, it certainly doesn’t mean the party is over. With plenty of party options scheduled for the first day of the year, it’s imperative you have your outfit planned before heading out the night before – after all, one can never make sensible fashion choices with a fuzzy head and you can guarantee there won’t be any stores open for impulse purchases on the day. A trip to Gisela G ensures yet another one-of-a-kind party look to impress your friends – whether you opt for cashmere, shimmering silk or a sparkling sequinned affair, one thing is for sure: the first New Year style crisis is averted!

5. Plump that pout.

All girls know that hair and make-up is as an essential part of one’s ensemble and on no other occasion is the prepping of the lips more essential than New Year’s Eve, the one night of the year that it’s virtually impossible to avoid a bit of a kiss at midnight! Miss W’s personal view on hair and make-up is that less is more – I like the simplest of applications, just a dab of tinted moisturiser (foundation really only seems to make one look older, don’t you think?), a quick swipe of rosy pink blush, a rim of black kohl around the entire eye plus lashings of mascara. Finish with a slick of nude gloss – my personal favourite is ModelCo Liplights, a nifty little gloss that I generally refer to as my disco gloss (available in mainland Spain or on any jetsetting trip to the UK or Paris). Why? Well apart from the fact it’s an ultra glossy and long-lasting formula, it comes complete with a miniature mirror on the side of the tube and – here’s the best bit! – LED lights concealed inside the lid, to illuminate your lips as you touch up meaning no need to make multiple visits to the bathroom. And there’s nothing wrong with putting the spotlight on your pout if you ask Miss W!

Now the next step is to start thinking about just who is it you’re going to kiss at midnight – I know who I’ve got my eye on… Do you?