NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Would you like to learn how to change the way you think, to use your mind to empower you? To be in control of, rather than affected by emotions? To act in ways which support your wellbeing rather than reacting to situations in ways that don’t feel good?

You have the power to choose how you feel, rather than blaming external situations for what life has been serving up to you, simply by triggering positive mind-sets such as calm, focus, clarity, courage and confidence.

NLP is a methodology that pulls on elements of hypnosis, behavioural psychology, linguistics and semantics. It is based on the overall belief that human behaviour has a structure that can be learned, changed and maintained.

Developed in the late ‘70s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder – who mapped out the human mind like the hard drive of a computer and discovered how to install the information to achieve the results that they desired – NLP studies our neurology, what we think and how that affects what we feel emotionally and physically.

Language shapes and forms our life experience through the way we communicate. NLP examines words we use to encode our experiences, helping us become conscious of the beliefs that underpin choices we make and gives us back the choice to do, have, feel and be anything we choose.

Through reprogramming negative beliefs with language patterns that fire up neurological sequences, NLP helps us let go of our past and enjoy life now, transforming bad habits into good, limiting beliefs into empowering affirmations and defensive behaviour into independent actions that support us in achieving life goals.

NLP is fabulous for letting go of the conditioning we receive from society, our parents, magazines, television, teachers, radio and more. Whether working on an unconscious level to deal with deeply engrained habits, addictions and phobias or to enable you to master a meddlesome mind that keeps telling you to work more, do more and be more so you can feel good in yourself, NLP can be applied in a plethora of different situations, enabling greater wellbeing through self-mastery.

NLP can also be used for deeper healing. It is excellent for resolving inner-conflicts that create high levels of stress and deep depression. A superb way of intervening in panic attacks, NLP offers great nourishment to a chattering mind. It enables the mind to break free from trauma and fear for greater relaxation, which supports recovery from all forms of disease.

A great model for understanding NLP in a nutshell is the TEA model –

Thoughts create our

Emotions which drive our

Actions or behaviours

So by making your own cup of tea (rather than living life on auto-pilot) you can choose how you want life to be so it truly feels good for you. Like being given back the steering wheel of the car, NLP offers practical keys for understanding yourself and what you want and need to succeed to attain happiness, wellbeing and balance, at work, at home and at play.