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No place like home – Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza

Discover the latest project by Numero 74 L’Atelier – a 360-degree immersive experience dedicated to home styling and decoration.

A beautiful finca in the heart of Santa Gertrudis is home to the latest project by the creative minds and souls behind Numero 74 L’Atelier – a 360-degree immersive experience dedicated to home styling and decoration.

Words: Kristie Rogers | Photos: Maria Santos Photography

‘There’s no place like home,’ Dorothy famously remarked when she returned to her Kansas farmhouse after her colourful adventures in Oz, and this sentiment rings true now more than ever. The past few years have seen us find comfort in our home sanctuaries, taking great pleasure as we go about the business of nesting – but what if there was a way to combine that blissful sense of contentment with a little bit of over-the-rainbow magic? One visit to the charming finca that houses Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza in Santa Gertrudis and you’ll see it is entirely possible to have both.

Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza is the sister showroom to the former L’Atelier nº74 concept store, restaurant and creative laboratory once just a few minutes’ walk away. The finca takes the brand’s signature warmth and style to a new level, through a 360-degree immersive experience dedicated to home styling and decoration. Set in an authentic Ibicenco farmhouse, the space retains the authenticity of its former life as a family home but invites one and all to enter, explore and enjoy the hand-picked and bespoke collections that evoke a true feeling of ‘home’. At its heart are every day soft furnishings and textiles like bedding, canopies, blankets, towels, bathrobes, curtains, napkins and tablecloths made from soft and luxe organic fabrics in neutral or earthy colours.

While it is an homage to the past in many ways, Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza is also a window to the world, showcasing the modern Ibiza lifestyle.

This new interior wonderland is the result of a shared creative vision between nº74 founder Tara Sfez and Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza manager Ambra Degli Agosti. The duo first connected at L’Atelier nº74 when Ambra applied for a job. “From her very first interview two years ago, we recognised something in each other,” recalls Tara. “We both have a similar sensitivity and we work the same way. There’s a flow, even when there’s a mess!” She references trips to the mainland, Mallorca and Paris to source vintage collections for this new venture, as the two women hit the road for hours on end, driving hundreds of kilometres in their quest to bring new life to old pieces. It’s clear from the laughter echoing within the walls of the finca that this is a cherished relationship.

“We found so many beautiful things that matched with the brand,” says Ambra, of the heart-led process. “People throw away a lot of things that could be given the opportunity to have a second life. So many vintage things were handmade by artisans with a lot of passion. These pieces have history, and we also have a vision for how they can be restored and used in the future.” From beautiful rustic wooden dining tables and an array of chairs to kitchen benches, cabinetry, desks, storage solutions, mirrors and even wrought iron beds, everything is given a new lease of life by the Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza ‘fairies’ before being displayed on the showroom floor in preparation for finding new homes.

These pieces don’t stay on the shopfloor for long, with Ibiza homeowners being very quick to snap them up to add some authentic finca style to their villas. It’s not only the furniture of course – you can find absolutely everything you need for your home within the Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza walls (or in the online store). Those same walls remain identical to the finca’s original blueprint, when the kitchen and bathroom, baby’s room and ever the back terrace were home to an Ibicencan family for generations. When Tara and Ambra began to ‘set up shop’ so to speak, they felt a responsibility to stay true to the building’s heritage.

“When you step inside Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza you will feel at home,” explains Tara. “It was a house, and it’s still a house. Except that everything in here is available to buy!” The pair set about organically decorating each room throughout the cubic space as if it were a modern-day finca. Step over the threshold of the subtle façade and through the heavy wooden doors into the kitchen, or dining and living room and it’s easy to feel as if you’ve entered a private residence – albeit the home of someone with an exceptional eye for detail and exquisite taste. “People sometimes ask us if it’s a museum,” laughs Ambra. “They are so interested in the Ibicencan style.”

The layout remains identical to the finca’s original blueprint, when the kitchen and bathroom, baby’s room and ever the back terrace were home to an Ibicencan family for generations.

While it is an homage to the past in many ways, Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza is also a vitrine, showcasing the modern Ibiza lifestyle. It represents realness and authenticity with well-made furniture that was built to stand the test of time, complemented by luxurious and high quality homewares designed for every day use. If you’re an islander ready to give your Ibiza home a new lease of life, you can stock up on the spot (pieces can also be made to order in custom sizes in the neighbouring hub, Le Studio nº74) and if you’re on holiday but have fallen in love with the La Maison nº74 aesthetic, you can order pieces online (shop the collections here) to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Inside the bathroom, it’s easy to dream of soaking in the tub, then drying off in fluffy organic cotton towels, slathering on the organic beauty products and wrapping up in a bathrobe. In the kitchen, the table is always set for a family meal – complete with croissants, cookies, rustic bread and jars of granola. There’s even a retro refrigerator that is soon-to-be stocked with takeaway goodies. In the dining room, handmade crockery and vintage glassware hints at lovely long dinners, while in the bedroom, an array of quaint and charming soft toys and books give an added touch of nostalgia to the beautiful children’s bed settings. Out on the terrace, wicker furnishings and beach umbrellas sit alongside chic pool inflatables, beach baskets, fun accessories, games, books and more.

Ambra is responsible for the stylish vignettes peppered thoughout Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza, taking inspiration from the pieces and collections available instore, in addition to the island’s heritage and in some cases, her customers. “It’s not always that easy to create a space that feels like home,” says Tara of her friend’s abilities. “For some people, you can have an amazing place, plan and structure but you need help to bring it to life. This is part of what we can do too.” Tara and Ambra can channel their creativity into styling their clients’ homes on request – just like Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza, it’s all about the little details. Tara is also quick to point out that the beauty of what they do is that it’s accessible to everyone. “Some people don’t have the financial possibility to have a decorator or a stylist,” she says. “For us, it’s about sharing the knowledge. If you can be inspired by our creative process and do it yourself at home, this is great. These ideas belong to everyone.”

Passion is evident in every last detail at Le Petit Atelier nº74 Ibiza. Part of the brand’s ethos is to support women in their communities – from sourcing homemade fabrics in Laos, that are then taken to the brand’s atelier in Thailand and sewn into beautiful creations, to the groups who come together in Santa Gertrudis each week to hand-knit blankets. “We have the passion, the creativity, the strength and the power to make things happen,” says Tara of the brand’s recent expansion. “A lot of it is intuition, some of it is courage. We don’t want to keep growing for the sake of it. We only expand when it allows us to be more creative, to give more to the people. Maybe one day we’ll meet the right person who really resonates with what we do on a business level and can bring some more structure to support us and let us grow even more. I believe everything is possible when you approach it from the heart.”