Ibiza wellness

Peace, love & CBD

Open Spa introduces an exclusive new CBD-based treatment in collaboration with earth conscious skincare brand KLORIS.

The KLORIS CBD Complete Restore Ritual is an all-new beauty and wellbeing treatment at Open Spa, the luxurious wellness centre at the heart of five-star grand luxe resort Ibiza Gran Hotel in Marina Ibiza.

Words: Danni Landa

CBD. Much more than a buzzword or trend for the new millennia, the ever-increasing number of scientific papers surrounding the myriad benefits of this plant-based ingredient have proven its potency time and time again. No longer an under-the-counter product whispered about in health food stores, CBD is now playing a starring role in the beauty industry. This season in Ibiza, it takes centre stage at Open Spa, the sophisticated wellness centre at the heart of Ibiza Gran Hotel. The expert team – led by Wellness Manager Patricia Fuertes – have teamed up with earth conscious skincare brand KLORIS to create an exclusive CBD-based treatment – the KLORIS CBD Complete Restore Ritual.

While hemp was one of the earliest plants to be cultivated by humans, CBD (which stands for cannabidiol and is extracted from hemp) was not scientifically investigated until the mid 1990s. Since then, CBD has been used to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain, PTSD, arthritis and even canine osteoporosis among other conditions. As a resilient, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it makes perfect sense for CBD to be included with other active ingredients in skincare products and in treatments such as the new KLORIS CBD Complete Restore Ritual at Open Spa – the superior results speak for themselves. But how does it actually work?

CBD binds to receptors within the endocannabinoid system – which helps to regulate almost every bodily function – preventing it from breaking down. Located within the nervous system, it affects appetite, digestion, sleep, motor control, pain and pleasure, immune function, mood and memory. By applying CBD topically, you’ll quickly feel its soothing and balancing effects across the body, joints and nerves, as the skin is the body’s largest organ and is packed with receptors for the CBD to interact with. If you’re new to CBD, rest assured you won’t get high – there is zero THC (the psychoactive ingredient derived from hemp plants) in the high quality KLORIS products used at Open Spa.

The team behind KLORIS works directly with the very producers in the world to ensure only the highest quality CBD is sourced for their superb product line – the focus is on balance, health and wellbeing, essentially upgrading your massage and facial treatment to include even more restorative benefits. The KLORIS tagline is Let Nature Love You – a sentiment shared by the wellness experts at Open Spa – and this ethos forms the foundation of the partnership between the two brands. Both focused on sustainability, preservation and the pursuit of wellbeing, it’s a match made in heaven. Book in for this treatment if you’re looking for the ultimate stress release coupled with healthy glowing skin.

Your Open Spa experience begins with the divine water circuit. Glide between plush days beds, a variety of pools and showers plus the sauna, hammam, salt room, ice room and low-light relaxation area before your therapist escorts you to your sleek treatment cabin. After a short chat to assess your overall wellbeing and any areas that need extra attention, you’ll be guided onto the massage table where it’s time to surrender to total relaxation. Approaching wellness and beauty with a holistic view that sees the body, mind and soul as one organism, the KLORIS CBD Complete Restore Ritual begins with a meditation.

The ping of manjeera – miniature Indian cymbals – echoes around the space as an experienced Open Spa therapist leans in towards your ear, murmuring an incantation and a blessing that encourages you to sink into the folds of the comforting bed. As their whispers wash over you, every muscle and bone descend deeper into bliss. And just as you feel yourself slipping into the space between wakefulness and sleep, a hot wheat pack is gently placed along your spine, conveying warmth throughout the body and further relaxing the mind.

Next, the full body massage begins, incorporating lymphatic drainage, shiatsu and acupressure techniques, plus guided stretching to release tension. An array of deluxe KLORIS lotions and oils are used throughout your experience at Open Spa, including The Lotion for Hand and Body – infused with neroli, moss, cedarwood, aloe vera, avocado, camellia and hemp seed oils, plus 1% CBD to deliver an all-over sense of relaxation – and The Uplifting CBD Body Oil, gently heated before being poured down the spine. This oil contains blood orange, vanilla and oud, all of which combine to create an enchanting scent and deep hydration. Finally, the award-winning CBD Balm High Strength – an all-purpose balm blended with 1.33% CBD, shea, cacao and mango seed butters – directly targets the cannabinoid receptors reducing inflammation and pain.  

Throughout the blissful massage, your Open Spa therapist deftly wields a set of jade gua sha disks across the body. An ancient Chinese modality, these smooth, round-edged stone tools are used to gently ‘scrape’ the muscle, loosening blockages, tightness and pain while also promoting the flow of qi energy through the body. Enhancing the benefits of the CBD in KLORIS products, the gua sha technique can also be used to treat stress, fatigue, perimenopausal symptoms and circulation. The sensation connects directly with your nervous system, electrifying your inner energy reserves and deepening a feeling of wellbeing.

Next, your Open Spa therapist prepares the face for treatment with a deeply relaxing warm washcloth and heated eye pad. Here, three KLORIS products are combined for optimum results: The Face Cream, The Eye Cream and CBD Superboost Face Oil. The rich cream is packed with deeply hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid and chaga mushroom extract and boosted with 1% CBD – it strengthens the skin barrier and supports natural collagen production, leaving skin bright, moisturised and protected. The same formulation is used to minimise dark circles in the delicate lotion for eyes. Meanwhile, the oil is supercharged with 2% CBD plus cannabis sativa seed oil and packed with omegas and squalene for hydration and protection plus cucumber seed oil for cell regeneration. These powerful phytonutrients, antioxidants and botanical oils boost luminosity, fortify the skin barrier, improve skin tone and protect against free radicals.

As the products work their magic, your feet are slipped into a pair of heated booties to help you relish the peace and slip into a dream world – even if just for a little while. After your treatment is over and you float back down to earth with an extra glow, browse the KLORIS range available at Open Spa, where the educated team can talk through any questions and make well-informed recommendations to incorporate CBD-enhanced skincare into your daily routine. Committed to zero waste, each KLORIS unction is presented in beautiful 100% recyclable glass and metal packaging, 95% of which is biodegradable, meaning not only does your skin benefit but the planet does too. A true pioneer when it comes to cutting-edge treatments in Ibiza, Open Spa’s commitment to beauty, wellness and global wellbeing knows no bounds.