Mixed by Igor Marijuan from Ibiza Sonica

podcast-igor-marijuan-1*THIS PODCAST HAS BEEN ARCHIVED. For more information, please contact ibiza@white-escapes.com.

As Ibiza Sonica’s director and president of Cultura Sonica, Igor Marijuan has his finger firmly on the pulse of the global music scene. Having worked on music radio for more than 12 years now, he is virtually an oracle when it comes to all things radio and music!

Having played at each and every one of Ibiza’s major clubs, plus the majority of smaller venues too, Igor also understands what makes a dance floor groove. He  loves house music in all different styles, from deep to electronic, techy to funky, whether it is a villa party, intimate venue, open air festival or major club, you can be certain his record box is packed with all the right tunes.

You can listen to Igor’s daily show ‘Club Ibiza Radio’ at 7pm on Ibiza Sonica (online or at 95.2fm in Ibiza or live streaming here on White), Igor has given us an extra dose of his cosmic Balearic sessions for your listening pleasure at any time of the day or night!

Ibiza-sonica-igor-marijuan-cosmic by White-Escapes, Ibiza


Groob 3 – Strolin’
Pablo – Turn the Page
Visioneers – Ike’s Mood 1
Shout Out Out Out – How do I Mantein (Emperor Machine)
Max Sedgley – Something Special (Crazy P)
Q-Burns Abstract Message – Chainsaw (Balearic)
Simon Hinter – Mr Blue
Luisine – Two Dots
Deep Collective – Earcondition
Zoe’s Raygun – Velvet Interlude
Jon Nezda – Left My Feet In San Francisco