Behind the brand: E+B Paisajismo

E+B Paisajismo are renowned as the island’s best landscapers, garden experts and designers plus a one-stop shop for all your outdoor needs. But who are the mysterious E and B, with their initials emblazoned on the signature turquoise sign on the road between Ibiza and Jesus?

Edurne Aguinagalde and Beatriz Alvarez San Lazaro are the faces behind the brand, hailing from Vitoria in the Basque country and Asturias respectively. “I came to Ibiza because I saw that I could really develop my profession here,” says Edurne, who has a self-confessed passion for Mediterranean gardens. “I always loved observing and drawing nature. My first training was in agriculture – I studied all types of crops and their influence of their shapes and colours on the landscape.”

“Then I started my studies in a specific landscaping school – not the final module of a technical career, but from beginning to end I studied all aspects of landscaping. From art history and gardens, to shape analysis, aerial construction techniques and projects. Everything you need to know to create green spaces and projects.”

It was at this point that Edurne met her classmate Beatriz, though the two went their separate ways for a while, with Beatriz moving on to the University of London, where she finished number one in her class, and Edurtne studying environmental science and landscape restoration – developing solutions to restore land and river basins degraded by roads and construction and

“Beatriz specializes in large technical projects and I loved small gardens and the environment,” says Edurne of their partnership. “Now I have been working in Ibiza developing many projects for 16 years, striving for sustainable landscaping. There is no favourite project for me, each one is a challenge and all have their own unique charms and the results are gratifying. The most appreciated are the ones that follow through with the correct maintenance because little by little, with much care, the desired results are achieved. It is a very important part of the job that few people value., but is crucial to see results.”

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