Ibiza property: CE International Real Estate Services – Solving the housing crisis together

You don’t have to be working in the real estate business to know that Ibiza is facing a housing shortage. Reluctantly using the word ‘crisis’, the situation has reached a point where local governments need to take action – and fast. In the meantime, Christina van Ederen of CE International Real Estate Services believes local businesses and entrepreneurs need to get involved.

The island relies heavily on the influx of workers who arrive every season to serve meals, make cocktails, skipper boats, work as nurses, fire fighters, doctors, teachers and all the other myriad jobs required to keep the island’s main source of income running. Each year it’s becoming harder for these workers to find accommodation. Christina’s dream is to develop properties that serve this sector. “It’s an opportunity for developers that can also help support the community,” she says.


The concept of social enterprise is not something you hear many estate agents discussing. “The idea is to develop small studio and one-bedroom apartments that are affordable,” Christina explains. “It’s not a simple task nor is it a total solution to the problem. But it can help.” Christina sees these types of projects as way for local businesses to invest in the island, building on their reputations and providing a much-needed service. After all, we are all connected – finding solutions for service providers looking for home on the island benefits us all.

New laws recently passed in regards to holiday lettings have helped decrease the rental prices somewhat but only towards the beginning of the winter season. Unfortunately, illegal rentals – both holiday lettings and long term lettings – continue to operate outside the law. Reports of landlords shamelessly ripping off locals, workers and holidaymakers alike have been rife. These laws have yet to take full effect as the local governments work out exactly how to implement them. In the meantime, long-term residents are decamping and seasonal workers are looking to other destinations. Should this trend continue, the negative effect on the island’s economy and community could be devastating.

Christina’s dream is based in a harsh reality that many holidaymakers and locals in higher economic circles would prefer to ignore. True to her never-give-up ethos, she wants to tackle it head on. “Ibiza is different to other places,” she says passionately. “Everyone has this deep connection and love for the island. It’s important we start showing that in a real way.” This is her dream and looking back over the trajectory of her business and life there is no doubt she will achieve it, alongside her team of industry professionals which now also includes well-known Dutch television presenter and singer (and long term Ibiza expert) Patty Brard, who took the big step of permanently relocating to Ibiza – her favourite place in the world – last year.

Patty and her husband, architect (and CE collaborator) Antoine van de Vijver are enamoured of the style of homes and interiors that Christina is currently developing and it’s no surprise she became welcomed into the fold. Now working in interior design in addition to showcasing properties and estates, Patty is the perfect personality to have on your side when looking for the perfect Ibiza home – like Christina, she is well-grounded, positive, knowledgeable and fun!

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