E+B recommends flora and fauna for Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for Mediterranean gardens full of cactii, palm trees, bougainvillea and almond and olive trees, but there’s a whole world of flora and fauna out there that are also suited to the tough soil and water conditions of our beautiful Balearic islands.

Experienced Ibiza landscaper Edurne Aguinagalde of E+B Landscaping shares some of the lesser-known lovelies used in her many projects around the island and in Formentera, and is always available to make recommendations to suit individual garden spaces.

* Pomegranate
 (Punica granatum)
“You get a beautiful colour from the leaves of this tree in the autumn, then a burst of green from spring onwards. The red flowers are beautiful and the trunk of the tree is very strong, and textured like an olive tree. Then of course, you get the delicious fruit.”

* Perovskia (Perovskia atriplicifolia)
“Perovskia is a wonderful plant for Ibiza, and a great alternative to lavender. I think it’s even more beautiful as it is a summertime flower, so perfect if you want to have big splashes of colour in your garden. I think of perovskia like a ‘surprise’ plant… you cut it back in the winter, then all of a sudden, SURPRISE! It’s in full bloom and full colour, almost overnight.”

* Jacaranda (Jacaranda)
“The jacaranda is a great addition to any garden, the tree is beautiful and full of colour when it blooms. The trunk is also very dark and can be a beautiful decorative element in combination with more tropical plants.” A stunning wash of purple takes over the tips of the tree, as the flowers come into bloom – also beautifully fragrant.

* Graminea (Poaceae)
“I love using graminea plants – they are not structural pants, so I use many, many of them together to give the effect of long grass. Then when they flower, it is a wash of pink, like cotton candy. It grows well in many different kinds of habitats, and works very well in Ibiza and Formentera by the sea.”

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