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Across the globe, estate agents will tell you spring is the best time of year to buy a house. However, Ibiza marches to the beat of its own drum and the best time of year to start searching for your dream villa is definitely autumn and winter. Kay Perry, director of EC Villas, has an intimate knowledge of the ebbs and flows of the Ibiza market. “When the craziness of summer is over, owners tend to take stock,” she says. “The market surges.”

If you’ve been thinking of visiting the island to view properties, this time of year is one of the most glorious times to visit whilst getting a true feeling for what Ibiza life is really like. The sun still beams down, the temperature is mild and with the hoardes of tourists gone, Ibiza’s beauty really shines. As things quieten down across the island, the real Ibiza residents start to come out of their shells and local social scene centres on intimate gatherings, small-scale parties and traditional festivals. “Connecting to the local community gives you a real sense of life here,” says Kay. “There is such a camaraderie across the island in winter.”

While the cooler months see more homes becoming available, there are also some real property gems to be found if you engage the right people. “Insider knowledge counts for a lot,” says Kay, who advises taking time to explore the island to get a feel of what winter life is like in different areas. “Some people really crave quietness while others feel the need to have a bit of action close by”, she says. “The island really provides for all that, even in the winter.” Once you’ve narrowed down your zones, Kay suggests taking a hotel or renting a villa in the area and really immersing yourself in the area. “Ask anyone living here full time and they will all tell you the winter is the best,” says Kay.

As the pace slows down, people connect on a more familiar level, and the lack of traffic is pure bliss, it’s no wonder many residents say it was a winter stay that made them fall in love with the island all over again. However, winter in Ibiza can provide some unexpected challenges for homeowners and Kay says its important buyers know exactly what they’re in for. Humidity is the main culprit requiring regular attention and viewing homes at this time of year will give potential buyers a good idea of what kind of maintenance issues they might be facing in the future. “We are totally upfront,” says Kay. “We make sure buyers are aware of the maintenance differences between here and their home countries.”

What better reason than an off-season trip to Ibiza than to research what your future lifestyle may be like? Now is the time the real Ibiza lifestyle is within your grasp and the team of professional property agents at EC Villas have the insider contacts and all-important local knowledge to guide you through what could be one of the most important investments of your life.

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