Let’s go outside – La Galeria Elefante

La Galeria Elefante is a little bit like Ibiza’s very own version of Wonderland. And just like the quirky, kooky and simply spectacular mythical land, no matter how many times you visit, nothing ever quite looks the same… the beautiful showroom is constantly being restyled to show off its amazing selection of wares in different ways.

In 2015, an all-new outdoor area has been opened up to house even more wonderful surprises – like a secret back garden, it sits between the yoga space and the small cave-like room behind the main desk area of the shop, accessible from both directions. In keeping with its open-air location, it is here you will find a plethora of all-new outdoor furnishings and décor (well, actually, some of it is quite old and recycled from India but you get the drift!).

From huge, exotic or rustic wooden doors, exquisitely hand-carved and painted, or fitted with beautiful mirrored panels to antique teak dining tables, ornately carved daybeds and loveseats, stacks and stacks of La Galeria Elefante’s signature colourful and eclectic cushions, cool storage baskets, mismatched (or matching!) chairs and even outdoor rugs.

Simply step out into the great outdoors and see what takes your fancy!

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