A beautiful house that tells a story of the owners lives, history and travels, made into a home by their childrens’ personalities.

In a beautiful house high on a hill, set somewhere between San Rafael and San Jose, author Ylwa Warghusen lives with her husband Scott and three children Sydney (12), Ophelia (10) and Sebastian (8). The couple bought the house – an old finca – in 2003 and spent some years reforming the property into the stylish abode they moved into permanently in 2007.

“It’s all about the view,” says Swedish-born Ylwa, taking in the breathtaking views across the Mediterranean, completely surrounded by lush forested hills, creating a feeling of total tranquility. The tranquility is happily interrupted by Ylwa’s theatrical children, whose personalities definitely turn the house into a home – be it climbing trees, playing in their custom-built treehouse, swinging in hammocks or jumping from day beds to the wooden deck.

Believing that a home should tell the story of your life, your history and your travels, Ylwa’s decor hails from many places, including Tokyo and Hong Kong, where she lived for a period, plus family heirloom antiques, pieces sourced from auction houses and niche showrooms in Ibiza, plus customised detailing created by artist friends. “I don’t want my house to look like a showroom,” she explains. “We’re definitely not minimalist.”

The kitchen was personally designed by Scott, the family chef, who wanted to cook with a view and there is much space for entertaining, from open-air chill out areas on the terrace and a huge communal dining table to a cosy fireplace enclave (complete with underfoot heating built into the benches) perfect for winter snuggling. Each bedroom features beautiful views, and between Sydney and Ophelia’s rooms, a cute secret doorway has been installed in the wall to allow the girls easy access to their spaces.

One of the two guest bedrooms has been turned into a cinema room, complete with projector, big screen and sound system – perfect for kids sleepovers with plenty of popcorn – while the other sits on a lower level, complete with a dreamy daybed outside and private access. The entire home feels lived in, yet spacious, with plenty of Scandinavian touches fused with classic Ibiza style – a beautiful place for kids to grow up in.

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