Barra Peruana at Agroturismo Atzaró – A slice of Peru

In the heart of the island’s north is much-loved and award-winning Agroturismo Atzaró, once a centuries old farmhouse, and is now the gorgeous boutique style hotel it is today, attracting jet setters and clued-up travellers from around the globe. Amongst the lush ten hectares of wellness, relaxation and cuisine on offer is La Veranda, the impressive terrace restaurant, led by head chef Lucia Ferrer.

Lucia holds a strong philosophy of focusing on seasonal produce and locally sourced ingredients – much of which is curated on the hotel property’s own ecological garden. Retaining rustic Ibicenco authenticity, yet keeping on the pulse of modern trends, it came as no surprise in 2016 when Atzaró and La Veranda announced they would unveil an innovative new dining concept, Barra Peruana (Peruvian Bar) for the summer season.

Although it is a tiny South American country on the map, Peru’s size is a stark contrast to the global presence it has on today’s food scene. Walking the streets of Lima, you are just as likely to hear Japanese, Italian, English or Dutch as you are Spanish, and it is this multicultural diversity of the Peruvian food trend that is sweeping the globe. A cuisine based on history, culture and traditions, it is a dynamic fusion of different textures and global flavours coming from a geography that includes the Amazon jungle, the Pacific Ocean and the Andes highlands.

Inspired by the life, rhythm, colour and flavours of this unique slice of South America, Ferrer and the Atzaró team had the opportunity to travel and participate in a delicious food tour throughout the cosmopolitan city of Lima this past winter, and it was here the Barra Peruana concept was born. The group returned to Ibiza with an aim to inject a sliver of this rich culture into the island.

At first glance of arriving at the lush paradisiacal hotel, you’ll notice a small caravan parked just outside the hotel’s entrance with Barra Peruana brushed across its front. Painted in traditional vibrant colours reminiscent of South American culture, it instantly transports you to a thriving Latin city full of life, flavour and feeling. After walking through the picturesque property, you emerge into the back area where the La Veranda terrace is located, and to the right, in the pool area, you’ll find Barra Peruana. It’s Ibiza’s very own little slice of Peru, sun-drenched and complete with a bespoke wooden deck, bar and barbeque and surrounded by gorgeous green foliage and blooming bougainvilleas.

Colourful linen tablecloths drape across dark wooden tables while bright and cheerful dishware has been specially chosen for the settings and accent the table textiles perfectly. In the background, live Latino-influenced music fills the summer air. The Barra Peruana concept aims to create an intimate area tucked within La Veranda that showcases the very best in Peruvian classics, all very simple yet bursting with fresh, zingy flavour.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Atzaró trip to Peru was that upon returning to Ibiza, the team arrived with a plus one: Chef Omar – a leading chef at the acclaimed restaurant, Malabar in the middle of Lima. He has joined the team to help develop an authentic menu and comes from a similar cooking philosophy as Ferrer, to use seasonal produce when possible, freshly caught seafood and source locally. Lucia and Omar have created a tasty, fresh and healthy menu consisting of ten dishes created with a wide range of ingredients sourced from the Amazon, mountainous and coastal regions.

Sample the classically prepared, freshly caught Corvina ceviche, or bite into a tiradito, another traditional ‘Lima-dish,’ yet of Japanese influence that uses Red Tuna cut in the shape of sashimi, complemented with a spicy sauce. The grilled octopus will win any true pulpo lover’s heart, as a generous portion of octopus is grilled to perfection; tender and juicy on the inside and slightly charred and crispy on the outside. There are plenty of other fresh seafood options that delight the menu as Barra Peruana’s menu is heavily seafood based and bursting with flavour.

The experience does not stop at the cuisine however, as guests can wash the culinary creations down with an expertly made Pisco sour; a Peruvian classic made up of a Pisco liquor base, citrus and sweet components. The wine list is an appealing assembly of bottles hand selected from regions across France, Spain and South America and the varietal options are top grade.

The menu at Barra Peruana is available to hotel guests and spa clients during the day, seven days a week, while from 8pm onwards, the menu becomes available to outside visitors. Whether you’re in for a light bite or a hearty meal, lounging on the breezy terrace of Barra Peruana sampling the magnificent cuisine of Peru is sure to be a memorable gastronomic experience for all.

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