Ibiza restaurants: Beetroot Ravioli at Aiyanna Ibiza

At Cala Nova hotspot Aiyanna Ibiza, an all-new vibrancy has been woven into the 2018 summer season menu of fresh, organic and home-grown (where possible) dishes. There’s no greater example of this than the beetroot ‘ravioli’ served with a cream of pumpkin, ginger, lime leaf and coconut milk.

While it’s not ravioli pasta per se, the style of the dish is the same. Fresh beetroot leaves are gently steamed and placed on ice to preserve the natural green colour, before organic carrot and beetroot are combined with smooth and whole pine nuts to create a rich, deep and deeply satisfying centre of goodness. The creamy sauce is a fresh accompaniment to these generously filled pillows of perfection, which also happen to be vegan, gluten and dairy-free.