Ibiza restaurants: Beetroot Salmon Salad at Aiyanna Ibiza

Despite his Basque heritage and hefty experience with traditional Spanish cuisine, Aiyanna Ibiza head chef Oskar Reboredo is also amazingly skilled at creating light, fresh and healthy cuisine. His inspiration, he says, comes from his vegetarian wife, so you know his recipes have already passed the taste test in his own home before they arrive on your plate at the Cala Nova restaurant.

The pretty Beetroot Salmon Salad is one such dish that will please the pescatarians in Ibiza – delicate slices of fresh salmon are marinated for 48 hours in brown sugar, salt beetroot puree, tequila and mustard for a fresh zing, and then served up with a crunchy fennel and mesclum salad with a Japanese dressing of soy, ginger, rice wine vinegar and mirin. Light, fresh and perfect for summer.

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