Ibiza restaurants: Spanish Black Rice with Cuttlefish at Aiyanna Ibiza

Most people’s list of most-wanted Ibiza holiday meals tend to include a traditional Spanish rice and seafood dish. It makes sense – it’s what many local chefs and restaurants specialise in, and when you’re this close to the sea, the fresher the ingredients. At all-new Ibiza beach club Aiyanna Ibiza, the Spanish Black Rice with Cuttlefish is a twist on the tradition at the hands of award-winning Basque head chef Oskar Reboredo.

The first welcome difference is the fact the dish comes as a single-serve portion, whereas most restaurants generally create rice dishes for a minimum of two people. And although you may think that would be compensated for in the price, at Aiyanna Ibiza it’s quite the opposite – the dish is extremely accessibly priced. Served up in two parts, the tasty black rice is made using Iberian pork fillet and caramelised onion in a crayfish stock and given its deep dark hue thanks to squid ink. Then, rather than being mixed in, the calamari – freshly caught in Formentera – is lightly battered and fried, served on the side with homemade alioli and a squeeze of fresh lime. The contrasting textures work perfectly together and the dish can be eaten as a main course, or easily shared between friends.

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