Ibiza restaurants: Bullit de Peix at Atzaró Beach

This hearty fisherman’s meal has a long tradition in both Ibiza and Formentera. Bullit de Peix could arguably be the island’s signature dish. Originally it was made from the catch that could not be sold at market and enjoyed by fishermen in their boat sheds but today it has become a highly sought after culinary special for holidaymakers and locals alike. Every family has their own well-guarded recipe but the Bullit de Peix at Atzaró Beach on Cala Nova has quickly developed an excellent reputation as an authentic version of this classic dish.

Served in two plates, the first is a platter of locally caught rotja and rape cooked together with the celebrated Ibicenco red potato and slathered in a saffron aioli. Atzaró Beach breaks slightly from tradition by adding red crab to the mix. The second plate is rice boiled in the left over broth from the fish. Cooked and served in a traditional paella pan and finished off in the oven, the rice takes on the deep flavours of the sea with the addition of squid and red crab. Spoons are placed around the pan and everyone digs in. Salty with a crispy edge and satisfying mouth-feel, experiencing the culinary traditions of the island from the terrace of Atzaró Beach has never been more fulfilling.

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