Ibiza restaurants: Cod Filet Gratinado at Atzaró Beach

Cod is most definitely Spain’s favourite fish and the way it’s served at Atazró Beach is simply sublime. Top quality cod filet is gently cooked and placed over a purée of roasted red peppers. A golden gratin of aioli with a hint of honey melts deliciously over the top where two sprightly asparagus stalks rest adding crunch and freshness.

A sprinkle of red and black salt around the dish adds colour and seasoning to what is already a beautiful looking plate. Delicate flaky cod matched with the sweet and savoury flavours of the gratin and the crispness of the asparagus creates a delightfully tasty lunch. Take a seat on the terrace or a day bed, sit back with a chilled glass of wine and simply enjoy.

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