Ibiza restaurants: Fish & Seafood Paella at Atzaró Beach

For many visitors to Ibiza, the holiday experience is not complete until you’ve enjoyed a hearty, fresh-made paella on the beach. Those who’ve done their research will tell you however – not all paellas are created equal and it’s important to find a restaurant who values authenticity and experience over easy recipes and fast turnover. The stunning Atzaró Beach is one such restaurant – a sun-soaked, stylish seaside destination where tried and true Mediterranean recipes are the star of the show.

The fish and seafood paella is one of the most classic, traditional dishes on the menu and the Atzaró Beach chefs take pride in knowing they’ve hand-picked the freshest fish and shellfish to grace their paella pan each day. Saffron-infused rice is plumped up with fresh prawns, mussels and crayfish plus the catch of the day, then it’s served up at your table with a side of million dollar views. The ultimate holiday experience.