Caramelised Pumpkin with Feta Salad at Aubergine Ibiza

At beautiful new Ibiza countryside restaurant Aubergine Ibiza, the fresh, organic and healthy farm-to-table menu concept isn’t a fast fad – the founders of the restaurant and team of chefs literally live the lifestyle themselves, so you know every last dish from the kitchen comes from the heart.

Well, not just from the heart – a lot of it also comes from the onsite veggie garden, and from the best local suppliers, guaranteeing freshness and adding an additional element of authenticity. The Caramelised Pumpkin Salad is one of owner Yolanda Torres’ favourite menu items – chunky pieces of sweet pumkin, teamed with salty feta cheese and served atop a bed of mixed lettuce, then topped with crushed pistachio nuts, black sesame seeds and a handful of alfalfa. Healthy, hearty and delicious!

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