Asparagus, Egg & Hollandaise at Babylon Beach

If asparagus, egg and Hollandaise are, as the Babylon Beach chefs say, a perfect marriage, then this dish could be the perfect wedding. The devil is, of course, in the detail. The asparagus is cooked in the special INKA oven for an incredibly tasty charcoal taste. The fresh-from-their-own-farm egg is cooked for four minutes and 30 seconds in water, shell-on, then peeled and rolled in japanese breadcrumbs and deep-fried so it stays crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – when you cut into the egg it has that perfect level of runniness. The Hollandaise is made fresh every service and is to die for. Blitzed black and white sesame seeds accompany the delectable dish, adding variety of texture. A great vegetarian option, this is a classic turned into a show-stopper in true Babylon Beach style.

Team with a crisp glass of Ibiza-grown Albariño and enjoy against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean sea.