Babylon Beach by night – A magical transformation

Driving in the direction of Santa Eulalia and taking a right down a quiet little road, you initially don’t see a beach club anywhere. Some buildings, yes. You can hear the sound of waves nearby, and you can even smell the sweet, aromatic scents of the flowering bougainvillea that encloses what’s behind a wall. If you’ve made it to here, you’ve arrived at the beautiful Babylon Beach restaurant, a gastronomical delight perfect and one of the island’s hidden gems.

Situated on the island’s east coast, the rustic chic beach club is perched on small cliffs that offer unrivalled views of the Mediterranean Sea. By day the atmosphere is laidback, with tables and sunbeds overlooking the sea. Resident DJs spin tracks that are relaxing and inviting for guests who want to settle in for a long afternoon of sunbathing and enjoying gourmet food and refreshing cocktails under the summer sun.

As day turns to dusk, the gorgeous tented restaurant adjacent to the chilled out beach area, fitted with driftwood chandeliers and intimate lighting, opens up to offer a more sophisticated dining experience. As the glorious sun starts to set, leaving amber streaked skies behind, the magnificent moon rises to light up the sparkling Med in front of your eyes and before you know it, the atmosphere of the beachside haven has organically changed into a dreamy and tranquil ambience. Relaxing tunes continue to fill the air and the restaurant’s foliage and palm trees are intimately and magically lit, adding to the different level of vibe.

Babylon Beach lays a lot of stock on their carefully crafted menu, as cuisine is the heart of the concept. Just about everything – where possible – is curated from the restaurant’s own farm, C’an Pere Mussona, the first certified organic farm on Ibiza. Chef duo Filippo Alberi and Simone D’Elia succeed in creating simple, traditional dishes done well. With an ethos that good food doesn’t need to be complicated, the menu is chockful of items that may sound familiar, but the background story injected into each dish is of the utmost detail. From brines to 24-hour marinades, to specially imported inka ovens that cook locally sourced meat to perfection, to different types of organic vegetables plucked right from their very own farm that day, what you see on the menu at Babylon you won’t taste anywhere else.

Supplementing the menu are the ever-changing daily chalkboard specials. The folks at Babylon Beach have a very close relationship with nearby fisherman and farmers and phone every single morning to see what’s the most recent catch or produce available. Depending on these daily conversations, chefs Filippo and Simone get to work by designing a dish that beautifully supports the market fresh ingredients.

By offering an additional menu, Babylon Beach gets to display their creativity and passion through food and introduce diners to fresh ingredients they perhaps wouldn’t normally select from a regular menu. By doing this, Babylon Beach has succeeded in becoming the place to dine for foodie fanatics craving something different, unique but dependably delicious.

Another way Babylon Beach is making waves across the island is via the cocktail list. The Babylon bar boasts the island’s only onsite ‘bar kitchen,’ 100-percent dedicated to producing all of the unique garnishes, unusual syrups, dehydrated fruits and ingredients that go into the cocktails; a mixologist’s dream. Sip on an ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail with bacon infused whiskey or chase your Ibiza hangover with a Bloody Mary with smoked gin infused with horseradish and a bacon salted rim.

The wine list features an eclectic mix covering the main bases of Germany, Chile, France and New Zealand, and is enough to impress any wine connoisseur from around the globe. Those having dry dinners on the isle can quench thirsts with delicious juice concoctions like lavender lemonade with elderflower syrup or organic peach and pear green tea.

Babylon Beach succeeds in creating a gourmet dining experience at the hands of an expert culinary and mixologist team dedicated to using fresh, lovingly grown organic vegetables, well looked after livestock, freshly caught fish and exotic ingredients. When as much love and passion for quality is instilled on a menu like Babylon’s the result is a triumphantly successful restaurant that truly stands apart from the crowd.

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