Ibiza restaurants: Coloured Tagliatelle with Rich Tomato Sauce at Babylon Beach

Chef duo Simone D’Elia and Filippo Alberia are changing the culinary scene one dish at a time in the Babylon Beach kitchen. The laidback beach restaurant is sun-drenched by day and refined by night. Those looking for a hearty dish with the touch of authentic Italian pizazz can look no further than the Multi-Coloured Tagliatelle in Rich Tomato Sauce with Burrata and Basil Foam.

Thick multi-coloured ribbons of tagliatelle are made fresh daily with seven different natural elements that include cacao, squid ink, egg whites, tomato, beetroot and chlorophyll to give a vibrant visual and taste sensation. No pasta created by an Italian chef is complete without a classic homemade tomato sauce, and in this case the sauce is derived from organic vine ripened tomatoes, freshly plucked basil and topped with the foam of creamy burrata and basil. The delicious and aromatic dish is then finished with a sprinkling of roasted tiger cherry tomatoes, ready to be devoured by whoever is lucky enough to get a taste!

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