Babylon Fillet Steak at Babylon Beach

All of the dishes on the menu at Babylon are rather special, due to the impressive amount of research and prep that the accomplished chefs put in to every dish.

The Babylon Fillet Steak is no different. Beef from Ibiza’s only certified-organic farm (also owned by Babylon) is surrounded by a secret mixture of spices and then cooked in an INKA oven for a delicious charcoal taste. This is a fillet that packs a punch, with a tasty, intense flavour. Cut into the luscious beef and you’ll find a delicious mozzarella burrata cream to blow your mind. The steak is served with pickled baby vegetables that have been marinated for days in a special liquor, oven-dried tomatoes, and caramelised onions, and presented in a special lidded dish which releases an enticing vapour upon opening, thanks to the genius inclusion of burnt olive leaves and fresh rosemary from Babylon’s gardens.

Enjoy with a glass of red from their excellent wine list and sit back and relax with the ocean lapping against the shore by the light of the moon in the beautiful cove where this fab restaurant is located.