Ibiza restaurants: Homemade Ice Lollies at Babylon Beach

Just like the good ol’ days when you were a child running amuck amongst the grass, swimming in the sea, or playing in the sandbox, the best way to cool down on a hot summer’s day is with a traditional and refreshing ice lolly. Babylon Beach head chefs Simone and Filippo have taken this old school summer classic and given it their own unique update; creating gourmet, home made ice lollies that are healthy and delicious.

Get your lips around the cheesecake ice lolly, a frozen vanilla and cream cheese mixture covered in berry jam and dunked in crushed biscuits. A fruitier option is the raspberry lolly, using freshly picked raspberries and basil straight from the farm that provides the most refreshing and icy taste when the Ibiza temperatures are on the rise.

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