Rotisserie Chicken at Babylon Beach

Put simply, you can taste the incredible amount of preparation and dedication that goes into the delicious roast chicken at Babylon Beach, and it starts on their very own organic farm. Can Pere Mussona is Ibiza’s only certified organic farm, of which Babylon’s owners are also proud proprietors, and where these plump free range chooks originate from! Upon arrival in the kitchen the super fresh chicken is marinated in brine for several hours, then in a special mix of herbs and spices for several more, then cooked slowly, slowly, slowly in butter so the skin doesn’t burn. The end result is a rotisserie chicken with the crispiest skin and the juiciest meat ever – it’s perfectly prepared and utterly delicious. Served with triple-cooked chips made from Ibicencan potatoes bought from a local family, and homemade chimichurri and bearnaise sauces, this is a roast chicken moment to remember.