Tomato & Citrus Salad at Babylon Beach

With a love for simplicity and giving new life to traditional dishes, chef duo Simone and Filippo of Babylon Beach have transformed a simple tomato salad into a mouth-watering delight.

All ingredients on the Babylon Beach menu are sourced directly from the island’s only certified organic farm, C’an Pere Mussona, in which both head chefs carefully curate what’s to grow and what is going to work best with the menu. They’ve outdone themselves with their take on a classic tomato salad; the ripest and juiciest San Marzano, red, yellow and tiger cherry tomatoes have been picked right from the vines and tossed with balsamic spheres, burnt shallots, and pieces of dehydrated organic lemon and orange. The vegetarian dish is finished off with a generous shaving of sharp Parmesan Reggiano cheese. The sweetness of the tomatoes is cut perfectly with the citrus juices creating an excellent balance, making this dish a perfect summer salad for a hot day on the island.