Ibiza restaurants: Nikkei Beef Carpaccio at Bambuddha

With the dawn of a new season comes an all-new conscious ethos behind the scenes at iconic Ibiza restaurant Bambuddha. The 2018 sees the kitchen focusing on sourcing ethically and sustainably farmed meat and fish – General Manager Jonjon Moon firmly believes in serving high-quality carne that has been given the right nutrition and treated humanely throughout its life. He believes happy meat leads to happy people – and after just one bite of the Nikkei Beef Carpaccio, it’s easy to understand why.

Using the highest quality, certified organic Iberian raw beef sliced into the silkiest, finest slices drizzled in olive oil to create a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Whereas standard beef carpaccios are topped with rocket and Parmesan, the Bambuddha twist comes courtesy of the zing of fresh passionfruit and tartness of locally grown pomegranate, complemented by dabs of fresh avocado and a bunch of crispy fine-sliced fried potatoes on top. The contrasting textures and flavours in the dish are both a surprise and a delight. Happy meat indeed.