Sharing the pleasure, Bambuddha style

Around the world, in many cultures, the experience of sharing a meal with friends and loved ones is one of life’s most simple, and special, pleasures. Nothing else brings people together like food, and over time, as dining has become less formal and more relaxed here in Ibiza, the traditional European dining concept of serving up starters, mains and desserts has become a slightly outdated concept.

Discerning diners want their food as and when the chef deems it ready, when it’s sizzling fresh off the grill or out of the wok, or when it’s at its most tender, crisp and delicate. As is the tradition in most Asian eateries, today’s foodies want to eat their chosen meal when the flavours and textures are at their peak – and due to the ever-increasing phenomenon known as ‘food envy’, we’re also prepared to share a portion of our meal with our friends (in exchange for a portion of their meal of course).

In 2015, hot Ibiza restaurant Bambuddha – winner of the White Ibiza Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Fine Dining Restaurant for the past two years – has revamped its menu to reflect these modern mindsets. Bambuddha lovers of years gone by, never fear – all the old MediterrAsian favourites and classics are still on the menu, but now they are served in a style designed to share.

Dishes are delivered to your table the minute they hit the plate. The more plates you order, the more delectable bites you get to sample and share and with such an extensive, mouthwatering menu, there is definitely something to suit all appetites, whether you’re a dedicated vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian or carnivore.

Bambuddha head chef Alex has also created some amazing new additions, that have been winning the hearts (through the stomachs) of Ibiza diners all season, including a luxe watermelon sashimi with jamon Iberico, an impressive Kowloon Alaskan King Crab and an incredible duck and Iberian ham consommé with star anise, served with plump tortellini stuffed with prawns, ricotta, and the Mexican fungi huitlacoche, cured duck and preserved lime.

An incredible melt in your mouth salmon and tuna tartar is perfect for those hot summer nights, made with avocado, mango, spicy aji sauce, Amarillo syrup, mandarin tartar and served with a palate cleansing scoop of cucumber lime sake sorbet. Sushi lovers will enjoy the Bambuddha Ibiza California roll – fusing hipster and hippie cultures – and the mackerel uramaki with daikon (winter radish), pickled cucumber and black garlic.

An ancient dining experience brought into the future, Bambuddha style.