Classic Ceviche at Barra Peruana at Atzaró

It is no secret that the delicious Peruvian cuisine concept has had rippling effects on the international gastronomy scene. Peru is known to have started a ‘food revolution’, is referred to as the ‘gastronomic capital of the world’ and a ‘flavour mecca.’ The team behind Agroturismo Atzaró had the chance to delve deep into the Peruvian culture this past winter, partaking on a gastronomic tour of Lima and its best restaurants… the ideas and inspiration that were brought back are now changing the culinary scene here in Ibiza.

Traditional yet refined, Barra Peruana by Atzaró’s take on the classic ceviche leaves your mouth watering. Fresh Corvina sea bass is cured in the citrus juices of local lemons and limes, is tossed with a nice amount of crisp red onion, choclo; a large variety of corn from the Andes in Peru, herbs and is accented with baked and glazed sweet potato. Refreshing and hearty at the same time, and best served with a Pisco Sour of course!