Cotoletta alla Milanese at BEACHOUSE Ibiza

This is a dish unlike any other on the island. Rich, hearty and full of flavour, the Cotoletta alla Milanese at BEACHOUSE Ibiza is one of head chef Sebastian Altimari’s greatest creations – an enormous veal steak, marinated in milk before being covered in panko crumbs to create the ultimate ‘Milanese’. The tender veal melts in your mouth, contrasting with the crunchy and crisp breadcrumbs – an amazing taste sensation.

Don’t be overwhelmed by its size – this particular dish is designed to be shared between two people, and don’t be surprised if the rest of your table start to request a slice too. Served with green salad, raw beetroot and tomato coulis, plus a huge slice of Ibiza-grown lemon to drizzle over it in true Italian style, once you have tasted this dish, you’ll find it difficult to ever be satisfied with another schnitzel anywhere in the world.