Ibiza restaurants: Arepas Payesas at Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas

Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas has a loyal following among the island’s foodie set – those who live here and visit regularly alike. From the freshest of fresh seafood and mouth-wateringly good meats, plus healthy and delicious salads, the quality of ingredients and produce used is consistently exceptional. Look beyond the classics on the menu and you’ll also discover some standout dishes, such as the Arepas Payesas – a tasty Venezuelan specialty that has crossed continents to finally be found on a menu in Ibiza.

Crispy, sweet and salty, Arepas are tasty morsels made up of fried cornflour dough – just bigger than bite-sized, but super hearty by nature. The Payesa (which translates to peasant farmer in Spanish) part of the equation comes in after the cornflour has fried, as the bread is split open and stuffed with a deliciously gooey combination of local ingredients that have been melted together in the oven: Ibicenco Sobrasada (a locally produced sausage) and Manchego cheese hailing from nearby Mallorca. This fusion of South American origins with traditional island flavours is truly unlike anything else on the island – perfect to share, tapas style, over an icy cold beer or to savour as a delicious starter on your own. Because once you’ve tasted your first Arepa, it’s pretty hard to imagine sharing the rest…

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