Ibiza restaurants: Ceviche at Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas

Known for his sharp skills with a knife, Chef Miguel Casals of Boutique Hostal Salinas produces a spectacular ceviche. Deliciously juicy white fish is briefly marinated in orange and lime juice before being sprinkled with whatever was fresh at the market that day – perhaps the exotic sweetness of mango, the tartness of local apricots or the creaminess of avocado. An expertly calibrated handful of onion and tomato provides the perfect textural foil. Ibiza on a plate, no less.

Fresh as the sun is bright, this dish is a satisfying starter to a summer lunch or dinner. So whether you’re staying in the hotel as a guest or mooching around Las Salinas beach and looking for somewhere low key and cool to chow down, Boutique Hostals Salinas has got it going on.

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