Ibiza restaurants: Whole Chargrilled Sea Bass at Cala Bonita

The whole chargrilled sea bass is one of the signature dishes at the gorgeous Cala Bonita on the beach at S’Estanyol. The carefully selected fresh fish is grilled over carob wood, lending it a distinctly Ibiza flavour. The delicate white flesh comes easily away under a crispy skin – scented with rosemary and salt, there is little that needs to be done to bring out the natural flavours. A side of gently steamed baby vegetables completes the plate.

Savouring seafood while looking at an incredible sea view is one of the pleasures of dining in Ibiza. Overlooking the sand and the azure Med Cala Bonita’s extremely romantic ambience and attractive decor makes it one of the best places to appreciate the island’s incredible gastronomy. Take a table in the shaded dining room and simply sit back and enjoy.

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