Ibiza restaurants: Pasta Sardi – Fruits of the Sea at Cala Bonita

Cala Bonita is the beautiful new beach restaurant perched on the locally loved beach of S’Estanyol, away from the hustle and bustle of high tourist season yet just minutes from Ibiza town. With the surrounds of rocky cliffs and pine tree forests rustling in the wind, it’s a wonderful spot to relax on a summer’s day, take in the great view and enjoy a delicious meal.

Award-winning Australian chef Karen Martini showcases one of her signature dishes at Cala Bonita: Pasta Sardi – Fruits of the Sea; a delicious seafood offering of fresh calamari, succulent prawns, clams and crab made with fragrant and aromatic crustacean essence, roasted tomato passata and perfumed with foraged wild fennel. A flavourful dish designed for two people, though one may be tempted to steal it all for themselves!

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