Ibiza restaurants: Can Domingo – Let the Alba Truffle season commence!

It’s that charmed time of year again where the perfect amount of moisture and heat creates magic beneath the soils of Italy. Truffle season is upon us and Ibiza’s most loved Italian fine dining restaurant, Can Domingo, once again delivers the delights of the famed Alba truffle to the tastebuds of Ibiza.

Chef Giuseppe Vivacqua has created two masterful truffle tasting menus to be enjoyed amongst the lush gardens and terraces of the blissful sanctuary that is Can Domingo as September segues into October – the season, just like the supply of truffles, is limited.

Can Domingo’s exclusive truffle hunter and his trusty dogs procure these morsels of delight in the forests and fields on the outskirts of Alba in Piedmont. This area is famous for the ‘trifola d’Alba Madonna’, a heady white truffle with a powerful aroma. Alba truffles are more subtle and delicate than their black counterparts. Much like a fine wine they have an earthy taste, a musky link to the terroir and something primeval that makes gourmands swoon with desire. If you have never tried an Alba truffle, make a table reservation at Can Domingo without delay – bookings are highly sought after to taste this one-of-a-kind ingredient.

The 2016 tasting menus include delights such as free range egg cocotte, homemade tagliolini with Parmesan, beef battuta al Coltello, classic fried eggs, a creamy risotto and chestnut semifreddo with a persimmon sauce all featuring the aromatic, mouth watering flavour of fresh Alba truffle. If you can’t quite fit in a full four-course meal, you can order any dish from the menu as a single course, with Can Domingo’s regular a la carte menu also in service.

Naturally, the extensive selection of fine Italian and Spanish wines from the Can Domingo cellar make the perfect accompaniment. Match that with the spectacular view across the rolling valley towards the sea and the romantic ambience of the garden and you’ll quite possibly have the finest dining experience ever.

The best things in life are always complex. Think of love and art – they are never simple endeavours. It’s true too for gastronomy, most certainly for the truffle. Let’s face it – the truffle is ugly. A truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus (whatever that is!), and the fact remains it is not pretty to look at. The beauty of the truffle lies elsewhere. In its aroma and flavour of course, but also in its fragile existence, tantalising rareness and long history. The Marquise de Sade said “Beauty belongs to the sphere of the simple, the ordinary, whilst ugliness is something extraordinary”. Nothing could be truer when it comes to the truffle.

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