Can Domingo Jazz Club – Live music & fine wines unite

Every Saturday night from 9.30pm the smooth and sensual notes of jazz light up the garden at Can Domingo. While The Downtown Ibiza Jazz Ensemble play favourite standards and dip into Flamenco, Cuban and Italian classics the Can Domingo team serve up the perfect combination of wine and dinner.

Apparently 90-percent of what we perceive as taste is actually smell. Even more interesting is a recent study by a well-known psychologist who found that our perception of wine is influenced by the music we hear. The Can Domingo team knows this instinctively and didn’t need the help of scientists to choose the perfect wines from Italy, France and Spain to match the melodies. Complete the experience by ordering any number of the delectable dishes from the menu followed by a thoughtfully selected cheese plate: excellent food being the third sum in the enjoyment equation.

Can Domingo co-owner Alessandro Barni Spadacini’s wife, Chiara Croce was the originator of the Jazz and Wine night. Occasionally she joins the band as a special guest to sing some of her most loved songs from Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. The band is a testament to a multicultural Ibiza with members hailing from Spain, Iceland, Holland and Italy; their common language is jazz. And of course wine! Alessandro has personally selected excellent examples of Italian classics to go with the jazz classics. Diners can expect to enjoy a Barolo or Gavi from Piedmont or a Brunello di Montalcino from Tuscany, available by the glass for this special occasion.

While the band is pumping out music and the bar wine, the kitchen is also buzzing. Chef Beppe is creating magic with produce that comes directly from the garden where the band is playing. There have been numerous experiments about the effect music has on plants, therefore it is really no wonder the fresh vegetables and herbs picked from the garden and lovingly carried to the kitchen taste simply amazing. They are imbued with the love of music, wine and food that pulsates all around them.

Good music and good wine complement each other in ways that set alight all the senses. It is a combination that was written in the stars, meant to be, fate, destiny; what ever you want to call it, music and wine is just the best thing ever. Add to that combination a setting so romantic, so dreamy; so stunning you enter the realm of the divine. It’s possible to experience this euphoric state right here in Ibiza at Can Domingo every Saturday night. It is the perfect escape from the crowds of rowdy party people and the hustle and bustle of Ibiza.

The Downtown Ibiza Jazz Ensemble bring together a faultless evening with their bluesy, jazzy, rhythms wafting over olive trees, entering the ears which as we now know is one of the three centres of taste. Can Domingo make it a seamlessly calibrated evening of music, wine, food and beautiful company. Go and let your ears do the tasting.

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