Ibiza restaurants: Can Domingo – Truffle season in paradise

Collette, the writer and provocateur, was quite partial to truffles. She, with her much younger husband Maurice Goudeket, would indulge in these aromatic tubers with great delight every autumn. It was Maurice who said: “Anyone who does not declare himself ready to leave Paradise or Hell for such a treat is not worthy to be born again.” Luckily islanders don’t have to leave paradise in order to declare themselves worthy thanks to Italian fine dining restaurant Can Domingo and their annual truffle tasting menu.

The white Alba truffle found in the Piedmont region of Italy is considered the most delicate and delicious of all. Naturally they’re the ones Can Domingo Head Chef Beppe Vivacqua features on his tasting menu. The truffles are delivered with great care directly from the hunters to Can Domingo, which deserves acclaim as the place that introduced Ibiza to the delights of the Alba. Bravo e grazie!

Beppe’s connection to the Alba truffle could be said to have started at birth. His hometown, Turin, is the capital of this stunning province known for its never-ending source of culinary delights. Over the years Beppe has befriended several trifulau – truffle hunters – and their extraordinary and highly trained dogs. These lovely canines are carefully taught to seek out the bulbous delicacies hiding under chestnut trees. The trifulau digs out the truffle with a special tool called a sapin before gently dusting off the ugly yet oh-so-tasty morsel of food gold.

The rituals and process of truffle season suits the contemplative Beppe and his personal connection to the natural world. With a deep respect for tradition, wild food, and his homeland Beppe and the truffle seem to be intrinsically unified. This year he’s been doing overtime in the inspiration and imagination department and come up with the best tasting menu yet. Combining his love of innovation and tradition plus his refined palate there is nothing like it in Ibiza.

Starting off with leek millefeuille layered with Raschera cheese and Alba truffles, the richness of the Alpine cheese compliments the heady aromas of the truffle. Next up is homemade tagliolini with Alba truffle, French butter and 36 months cured DOP Parmesan Cheese. The following dish joins the classic combo of egg and truffle with a smooth, creamy potato mash and a sumptuous beef jus. Dessert marries the nutty flavours of chestnut mousse with a sweet persimmon sauce and a sprinkling of truffle.

The ingenious Coravin system allows a glass of wine to be poured without opening the bottle and means diners can design their own wine pairings. Alternatively, leave it up to owners Andrea Sanarica and Alessandro Barni Spadacini to recommend something from the expertly curated list. No doubt Andrea and Alessandro have put a lot of thought into the best wines to go with truffles especially during their yearly pilgrimage to Italy’s best vineyards. Rely on their expertise; they’ve had a lot of practice!

Can Domingo has somewhat of a cult following amongst the cognoscenti of the closing party season, coming to indulge one last time before winter sets in. The charming restaurant – x hidden away in a secret patch of pristine countryside – is the go to place for end of season celebrations, especially when it involves truffles. Well-known Ibizaphiles, locals and workers flock to commemorate the passing of the summer sun with what is arguably the culinary world’s most treasured, adored and exulted ingredient: the Alba Truffle. Reservations are recommended – book now to ensure you don’t miss out.

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