Ibiza restaurants: Celicioso – Top Ibiza breakfast spots

While Ibiza is known across the globe for ice-cream coloured sunsets and dance floors that welcome the dawn, there are a select few who instead of revelling in the island’s nocturnal delights like to spin the typical schedule on its head. They rise early with the sun, eager to soak up the otherworldly silence that permeates the air at that time of day, and keen to take advantage of an island where everyone else is sleeping – a deserted paradise waiting to be woken. On mornings like this, early risers head to Celicioso, a beachside breakfast spot worth taking time over.

Set within the stunningly luxurious grounds of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, Celicioso looks out on to the gorgeous strip of long, soft sand in Talamanca. In the mornings, the Mediterranean is glass-still – in fact, in the unlikely event any clouds are lingering in the sky they’re reflected back like a faultless mirror image – and the atmosphere is laid-back and calm. It’s the perfect place for easing yourself into the day with a healthy and hearty breakfast, somewhere to sit back and enjoy the view and listen to the sound of gently lapping waves while also fuelling your body with bountiful goodness for the hours ahead.

At Celicioso, the premise centres around wholesome, gluten-free cuisine. Think fresh, high quality ingredients used in a variety of colourful, enticing dishes, nourishing juices and nutritionally balanced superfood salads. Options are also available for diners with a range of dietary requirements, so sugar-free, lactose-free and vegan choices all feature, too. Essentially, there’s something for everyone – from a light bite or smoothie to a more filling plate of food, it’s a must-visit if you’re refilling post exercise or simply about to launch head first into a busy day.

There’s a strong emphasis on attention to detail, too, with the Celicioso onsite bakery making fresh bread every day to accompany each section of the menu. Sandwiches are made using homemade vegan bread and include fillings like cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, chia, avocado and pesto, or salmon, avocado, rocket, dill and lime. All are served with tempting sides of sweet potatoes, green salad or coleslaw. The eggs too, are served on a choice of white or seeded vegan bread. From the speciality eggs Celicioso – poached eggs with sesame, avocado and chives – to the classic eggs Benedict, there’s something to cater for every taste, all with a gluten-free twist.

The bakery (open daily from 9am until 6pm) also whips up vegan, sugar-free cupcakes on a daily basis, in flavours of vanilla chocolate or carrot, as well as raw, sugar-free cakes in outrageously moreish flavours like chocolate and avocado, banana and strawberry, and apple and walnut. And while a selection of classic breakfast options including fresh fruit, cereals, and pancakes are available, so too are delectable dishes for the health conscious like vegan tostadas, chia pudding, protein balls, an entire section dedicated to raw vegans, offering dishes like cabbage salad or tropical tartare, made with mango, apple, cucumber, avocado, tomato, lime and raspberry vinegar.

If you’re indulging in a late breakfast (time tends to just disappear in Ibiza, but that’s OK because Celicioso is open until 5pm), there’s also a range of more hearty dishes including pasta, poke bowls, salads and burgers, which though still bursting with nutritious ingredients, are large enough to see you through to dinner, plus a range of fresh, cold-pressed juices to wash it all down with. Try the cleansing combination of beetroot, apple and carrot for a kick-start, or watermelon and strawberry for something sweet. A restaurant wholeheartedly proving that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring, Celicioso gives its health-conscious diners even more reason to roll out of bed early in the mornings.