Ibiza restaurants: Valencian Paella with Crayfish and Mussels at Chambao

There’s no better way to learn a tradition than by watching your grandparents and parents prepare the dish each and every Sunday in your family kitchen as you’re growing up. For Chambao Executive Chef Carlos Herrero – born and bred in Valencia – the tradition in question is paella and after spending many years learning how and when to perfectly combine the flavours and ingredients to make it just so, he is indeed a master of craft.

The signature Valencian Paella with Crayfish and Mussels at Chambao – the beachfront restaurant within the five-star Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay complex – is a dish of exquisite traditional tastes. Crayfish, clams, mussels and cuttlefish are gently sautéed to allow the freshest of flavours to combine within the pan, before toasted saffron, paprika and ‘bomba’ rice – the essential ingredient in authentic Valencian cooking – are added to create a dish brimming with authentic flavour, love and true Valencian spirit, just like his abuela (gramdmother) used to make.