Ibiza restaurants: Black Pork at Cone Club

There are many factors that combine to make the perfect dish – first-class ingredients, precision preparation and intricate techniques to ensure that flavour is maximised – and at Cone Club at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, they’re experts in them all. Indeed, the restaurant’s mouth-watering black pork is a shining example of everything combining to create magic on a plate.

Created using Mallorcan black pork, the first cut is the cheek, braised in pork stock. The second is the belly, slow-cooked at 65 degrees over a 24-hour period to create and then brought alive with intense, smoky flavours on the robata grill. It’s served with Chinese cabbage and shitake mushrooms duxelle, while the cheeks are glazed and served with pork puffs to give a distinctive hearty crunch.