Ibiza restaurants: Hamachi & Aubergine at Cone Club

Ever since Cone Club at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza burst onto the culinary scene in Ibiza, one thing has been abundantly clear – here they promise to serve nothing but the best, and if that means collecting the finest ingredients from across the world then so be it.

Take the hamachi and aubergine, for instance. The hamachi is sourced from a diminutive fishery in New Zealand that’s dedicated to the practice of traditional fishing methods. Caught and then delivered straight to The View’s door, it’s then sliced like sashimi and served raw alongside aubergine caviar, chickpea and edamame salad and topped with dashi vinaigrette – a uniquely delicate mixture made from hamachi bones, kombu algae and katsuobushi. The combination of dashi and hamachi ignites your umami tastebuds, making this dish a flavour sensation.