Ibiza restaurants: Obsiblue Prawn Tartar at Cone Club

Every discerning foodie knows that an excellent dining experience is about more than just taste. It should invigorate all the other senses – especially the eyes, which act as the gateway to the experience. This is exactly what you get with Cone Club’s Obsiblue prawn tartar, a dish that elaborately comes together in front of the guest.

It all begins with the Obsiblue prawn, a delicate, sweet-tasting shellfish from New Caledonia with vibrant blue colouring that gives it its name. It’s served as freshly-prepared tartar, then dressed with a fennel kohlrabi salad and yuzu vinaigrette. But the pièce de resistance? It’s finished with Nitrogen yuzu balls at the table, so as cooled liquid comes into contact with the yuzu balls, smoke rises tantalisingly from the plate. It’s refreshing, show-stopping, and fast becoming the restaurant’s signature dish. Not to be missed.