Ibiza restaurants: Suckling Pyrenean Lamb at Cone Club

The opening of Seven Pines Resort Ibiza has brought a slew of fabulous restaurants with it, and one to be excited about is Cone Club, a place to relax, unwind and enjoy the simple things in life. From spectacular views to laid-back beats to plates of culinary wonder, a pitstop here should be at the top of every discerning foodie’s wish list.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint a favourite from the Mediterranean menu peppered with Asian and Arabic influences, one delectable option that stands out as a must-try is the Suckling Pyrenean lamb shoulder. A hearty plate of slow roasted, marinated lamb shoulder served with lightly spiced bulgar, glazed carrots and coriander yoghurt, it’s a rainbow of sensation for both the eyes and tastebuds. Drawing heavily from Arabic and Levantine food, this dish offers a real flavour of the exotic.