Ibiza restaurants: Château Castigno Saffron Mussels at Cotton Beach Club

A Mediterranean summer is never complete until a steaming pot of mussels has been consumed by the seaside. In Ibiza, Cotton Beach Club is the ideal location to complete this task. Steamed to perfection, these plump, tasty morsels are drenched in a creamy saffron sauce, and the colour alone is a like something concocted by an artist – like a creamy version of sunshine, the sauce melts right through the mussels.

The elegant, floral notes of the Château Castigno white wine used to blanch the mussels touches the edges of the palate bringing a slight tartness to the creamy flavours. Order this with a very cold bottle of the same wine and make sure to ask for extra bread to sop up the delicious juices left in the bottom of the pot.