Ibiza restaurants: Tiramisú at Cotton Beach Club

Saving room for dessert at a place like Cotton Beach Club can seem difficult when at first, you’re faced with the menu. With page after page of sushi and international fusion delights, it could be easy to order up big on the first and second courses but if there’s one piece of advice you listen to this summer, let it be this: Always save room for dessert!

Head chef Federico Garcia confesses to having a sweet tooth, and thus his third course creations are out of this world. His take on Tiramisú is a to deconstruct the classic dish, allowing diners to experience its flavours in two separate ways. The dish is served with each ingredient placed separately on the plate: cream cheese mousse, coffee ice cream, crunchy chocolate and cookie powder infused with Amaretto and coffee liqueur. Take a bite of each individually, to savour the flavours then scoop them all up at once et voila! A mouthful of classic Tiramisú.

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