Ibiza restaurants: Roasted Aubergine at Cotton Lounge Club

The introduction of new head chef Alex Arquero – formerly of Bambuddha – to the kitchen at Cotton Lounge Club in Figueretes in 2017 has seen the entire menu be completely revamped. The gastronomic offering has been taken to the next level, with diners guaranteed to be in for the feast of their lives in one of the most breathtaking settings on the Med.

Fresh (quite literally) from the ‘Garden and Field’ section of the menu is one of Arquero’s signature dishes – something entirely unique and a taste sensation like no other. Aubergine is marinated in the same sticky sweet sauce as the famous Nobu black cod, and then oven roasted to the perfect soft consistency and topped with a sweet miso sauce, salty Stilton (yes, it works), macadamia nuts and an aloe vera salad. It may say vegetarian on the menu, but this dish will satisfy even the staunchest of meat lovers.

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