Divine intervention

Way back in 1978 two friends went for a rambling walk in the San Antonio countryside on the look out for wild asparagus. Along they way they came across an ancient looking stone building. It appeared to be a church of sorts, half abandoned and overgrown with wildflowers and weeds. As they stood contemplating its tumbledown beauty, one friend turned to the other and said: “We are going to start a restaurant here.” And Sa Capella was born.

Vicente Roselló Prats and Carlos García Sorá took the 16th century, un-consecrated church and transformed it into what would go onto become one of Ibiza’s most lasting icons. For 37 years, well before anyone else, Sa Capella has been crafting an unparalleled fine dining experience in one of the most architecturally breathtaking and unusual locations on the island. Some would call it worshipping at the church of gastronomy.

You won’t see any advertising or even a website yet Sa Capella is booked solid every single night of the week. It is one of those rare gastronomic gems that has maintained an extraordinarily high standard of food and service throughout decades, one that is able to rely solely on word-of-mouth and the loyalty of long-time customers. Many of these customers have become friends, so much so that several tables are no longer numbered but have taken on the names of devoted diners who return week after week, year after year, celebrating the every-day as well as the special occasions in life.

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