Haute… or not?

Word came down from culinary heaven that rock ‘n’ roll is no longer for rock stars, superstar DJs have had their day and that France no longer holds a monopoly on what is good to eat. And thus, the new rock star is most definitely a Spaniard and a chef.

In the last year or so there has been a migration, of sorts, of top chefs from the mainland coming to open projects in Ibiza. It’s an exciting time in Ibiza’s gourmet realm. Finally the rest of the world is catching up to what locals have known all along. Ibiza and food is a match made in paradise. Ask an Ibicenco and they’ll intently debate the best way to make bullit de peix (traditional fish stew) or alternatively guard their greixonera (a classic Balearic dessert) recipe from prying eyes with a fierceness reserved for mothers and cubs.

It is no wonder the wandering eyes of the country’s top chefs are starting to focus on Ibiza. The climate, the cool factor, the fresh produce, the tradition and openness to experimentation plus a stream of international travellers make it the perfect place to set up shop. And a distinct lack of haute cuisine restaurants (and Michelin stars for that matter) means there is certainly a gourmet gap to be filled on the island.

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