Italians do it better

The Italian community on the white isle swells in numbers every year, which can only mean one thing: when it comes to satisfying your cravings for Italian food in Ibiza, you must seek out the authentic.

Sometime in the late 1800s the Italians chose a King and became the Kingdom of Italy. Until that point the boot shaped piece of land was made up of a series of city-states. Politically this seems rather complicated but from a culinary perspective it was an excellent way of creating some of Italy’s best-loved and well-known regional delicacies.

Each city-state developed its own cuisine, particular to their area, the land and the climate. Even dishes that were shared across borders had their own local touch, from the way a meatball was shaped to the difference between hard-boiled pasta and an egg noodle. Fortunately, for modern lovers of Italian food, this political history has created a vast diversity of flavour and style. Even if you ate Italian every day for the rest of your life you would still not be able to eat your way through every permutation of deliciousness.

While many of us will bastardise a version of spag bol to eat in front of the telly while watching Jamie on his latest crusade or scoff down a ham and pineapple pizza on the way home from after work drinks, real Italians are doing it better as the saying goes. And they have been forever.

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